COVID-19 and Public Perception

From the time the media began reporting on the Coronavirus, a lot of misinformation was making its way across the country. Some people began to panic while others did not let it impact them. Some hoarded toilet paper while others went about their daily life.

Biorisk Training 

Considering the business we are in – we are on the frontlines of this virus, albeit, not in the way in which the media usually reports. This gives us a very important platform to make sure our customers understand the truth about the virus. It is up to us to give realistic information and expectations. 

In these times, it is important that we arm ourselves, not only with PPE, but with up-to-date information such as that taught by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), which we at C.A.R.E. Services have completed. 

Spreading the Truth about Coronavirus

We can sit behind our computers and post alarmist information to drive up sales, or we can spread truth and facts in order to help the public remain calm and make the best possible decisions for the safety of their families and staff. 

We recommend those in our industry work with their web contractors to make sure only the truth is being shared, blogged, and posted on social media. Some may follow us for tips on insurance claims after a disaster or mold remediation, while others are here for the Coronavirus do’s and don’ts. 

We handle a lot of high-risk situations in our line of work, and Coronavirus may be the most high-profile biorisk that we deal with in our lifetime. We are the silent frontlines that many don’t think of as we sanitize, decontaminate, and fog buildings. This offers us a unique opportunity to spread the truth from another perspective. 

While we may not be healing sick patients, we are doing our best to prevent others from getting sick. Let us use the opportunity to benefit and educate the public. 

Finding Out More Information For Coronavirus

We invite the public to contact us by calling us at 919-846-3828 or email us at Info@ServiceWithCare with any questions or concerns you may have. Our business offers cold fogging for commercial and residential properties in order to fight the spread of COVID-19. 

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