Cold Fogging vs. Thermal Fogging

Cold fogging and thermal fogging have similarities and differences. Both types of fogging use special machines that turn solutions into fog. Both methods are also effective at disinfection or pest and mold control. You can choose either type of fogging to get the job done. 

Thermal fogging is being done by Delta Airlines and also other airlines. The purpose is to disinfect between plane rides. The CDC says that regular disinfection is crucial for slowing down the spread of the novel coronavirus, as well as other diseases. 

Cold fogging can be effective as well. It depends on the disinfectants used. All that the fogging machines do is disperse the solutions faster over large surfaces. 

Cold Fogging 

Like its name implies, cold fogging does not use heat. The machine uses high pressure and swirling airflow to turn liquid solution into airborne particles. Cold fog comes out of the nozzle. The particles disperse around the room. Because of their small size, the particles can reach into smaller spaces. It is very thorough. 

The cold fogging machine does not need an operator after it has been activated. It is a very safe procedure that can disinfect an entire room. The operator can control the droplet size. Choosing the smallest droplet size means that the disinfectant solution is able to penetrate even hidden cracks and crevices. 

Thermal Fogging

Thermal foggers use heat to turn solutions into water droplets. The particles are very small. Heat vaporizes the liquid solution after it is pumped into the heat barrel. The fog from the machine tends to be very dense and visible. You can see where it is being sprayed as it is sprayed. 

An operator must attend to the thermal fogging machine at all times. Because it gets very hot, a technician is needed for safety reasons. The technician will walk around to spray the fogger and ensure that the fog reaches between surfaces. 

Generally, the operator will start in the far corner of the room with the fogger pointing at that corner. Then they will back out of the room while spraying the thermal fogging machine. It’s important to avoid the heat. 

Choosing Fogging Methods 

So you can see that cold fogging and thermal fogging both have their benefits. You can talk to one of our team members to find out which type of fogging would be best for your home or business. 

Not every situation is the same. We can give you customized advice on the best solution for your needs.