Odor Removal

Carpet fibers can become porous after normal wear and tear and therefore absorb more scents and smells. C.A.R.E. Services can provide a deep carpet cleansing to remove odors. Along with any carpet cleaning, we can also couple this procedure with 2 successful methods to remove odor from the air and materialistic items in your home. For example, C.A.R.E. Services has been able to remove powerful odors from our client’s homes such as cigarette smoke and curry.


Our options:
Treatment 1 ~ This procedure is less invasive and can be used in an occupied environment, not causing any risks to your health and preventing our clients from having to evacuate the premises and therefore not disturbing your valuable time. The machine used for this process emits a molecular compound into the air that is created to react with any/all pollutants. Once the compound has bumped into a pollutant molecule, it will break down the pollutant compound therefore destroying it and eliminating the odor. You might say the cleaning compounds released from this machine can be described as a ‘detergent’ for the air, so it is literally as if the compounds are washing your air and the surrounding environment.

Treatment 2 ~ This procedure involves fogging the affected area with a cleansing smoke. This fog is absorbed into all porous materials just like the unfortunate original smells were absorbed but in doing so the fog overtakes the original contaminant. Each technician will complete this procedure wearing a protective breathing respirator and therefore our clients would not be able to be present during the treatment.