Cleaning the Uncleanable for Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives, for now. Many places that we take for granted are no longer open to prevent large gatherings of people. The CDC also recommends that surfaces and places undergo cleaning and disinfecting. What can you do about places that are hard to reach? Or areas that you can’t clean? A technique called Cold or ULV Fogging may be the answer to cleaning the uncleanable for the coronavirus.

How to clean the uncleanable

Items that may be impossible to disinfect with usual methods include paintings, upholstery, computers, and garages. It would be very hard to use disinfectant sprays or wipes on some items. Or it could take an incredible amount of time to thoroughly clean every surface. Cold fogging is an affordable, quick, and safe way to clean the uncleanable. 

A professional technician uses an EPA-registered disinfectant and applies it using a cold fogging machine. The disinfectant turns into a fog that cleans and disinfects the air. It lands on surfaces and gets deep into nooks and crannies in the room. It stays around for several hours. Bacteria and viruses die when in contact with the disinfectant. 

Those hard-to-reach areas come into contact with the disinfectant. You do not have to clean surfaces individually. It is done in one to two hours, depending on the size of the space. Even more, the disinfectants that are used are commercial grade. These strong disinfectants kill a variety of viruses and may be effective against the coronavirus. 

Your customers will appreciate it

Thorough disinfecting may protect your employees, staff, and customers from the coronavirus and other viruses. It is a proactive approach to protecting the health of those who come to your workplace. When combined with regular cleaning and disinfecting, cold fogging may be even more effective in the fight against the spread of diseases. 

Your customers will appreciate that you have your place cleaned and disinfected. This is especially important for workplaces with a lot of people who come and go such as schools, nursing homes, grocery stores, etc. Cold fogging makes it easier to disinfect every surface in the building, so that you can focus on what is important: your business and keeping your customers safe and happy.