What is Cold Fogging?

Cold fogging is another method of fogging for disinfection or pest and mold control. It does not use heat to make the fog. Instead, high pressure in the machine turns the solution into tiny particles. 

A special machine is used that pumps the solution through a nozzle that swirls the airflow. The fog is not as visible as fog created by heat but it is no less effective than thermal fogging. It’s just a different method to apply treatments. 

Cold Fogging Benefits

Fogging is an effective way to disinfect large spaces. The smaller particles are dispersed into a room. Because of their small size, the particles can reach into spaces that are hard for us to reach by hand. This means that the disinfectant solution gets to where it needs to go. It also reduces the human hours it takes to clean a big room.

Cold fogging does not need a person present to operate. The technician can position the fogger and turn it on. Then the technician can leave the room. The fog from the cold fogging machine will get everywhere in the room. No need to walk around with the fogging machine in order to apply the disinfectant. 

The size of the particles can also be adjusted. Smaller particles are great for getting in between tight spaces. So a room with nooks and crannies could benefit from cold fogging with the tiniest particles setting. A more open room might be fine with the larger particles setting. 

Cold Fogging Disinfection

Disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis was already important. Regular disinfection is even more vital now. It is impractical to wipe down every surface in a large room or one with lots of furniture. Fogging machines help to disperse disinfectant solutions faster and safer. 

Businesses will likely need to increase their cleaning efforts. Thorough disinfection is important for staving off diseases. While the type of business will determine how often they need to deep disinfect, having a cold fogging treatment done every month or every few months can make a big difference. 

Cold fogging offers a faster method for thoroughly disinfecting your home or business. The more traffic that you have from people, rtw more often you may need to engage in deep disinfection.