Acidic Soot and the Scary damage It Causes

The damage from a fire often goes beyond the fire itself. Fire leaves behind soot and smoke, which can cause its own amount of damage to property. Soot residue is acidic. What does that mean for your property?

Smoke and soot damage

The acidic nature of soot contributes to the damage of metal, glass, plastics, and fabrics. Metal will corrode if soot remains on the surface. Door knobs, plumbing fixtures, and more can suffer the effects of soot damage. Soot damage etches into glass windows and mirrors. Over time, the glass can appear cloudy and filthy. Soot residue discolors items made from plastic, vinyl, and fabric.

Smoke and soot will travel beyond the location of the fire. The heated smoke seeks out the coolness of other rooms. So, even if firefighters contain the fire to one part of the house, the smoke and soot can travel to other parts. A kitchen fire can spread smoke and soot to the upstairs rooms.

Leaving behind smoke and soot can cause more damage to property. This is why it’s important to remove the smoke and soot as soon as possible. Smoke can seep into materials and leave behind the lingering smell of fire.

Fire damage restoration

While plastic surfaces might only need wiping down, fabrics will need airing out. Cleaning specialty rugs and carpets is important to remove smoke and soot damage.

Precious heirlooms can suffer corrosion and discoloration from smoke and soot damage. The longer the soot remains on the items, the worse the damage. When recovering from a fire, remember that smoke and soot damage also needs addressing.

Acidic soot residue needs removal during the fire damage restoration process. Smooth, non-porous surfaces might not take as long to restore as fabric items. A simple wipe-down and cleaning will suffice. Upholstered furniture and carpets might need airing out, shampooing, and treating. Our C.A.R.E. Services team assesses each item to determine the best method for restoration.

The damage from smoke and soot doesn’t need to become permanent. Our professional restoration teams inspect the entire property. We work with homeowners and insurance companies to determine the best methods at the best price. Our goal is to restore as much as possible instead of replacing items. We want to get you back into your home and into your normal routine as quickly as possible.