Stone Tile & Grout Cleaning

IMG_1188Our Stone/Tile and Grout cleaning technicians are trained to thoroughly clean and sanitize tile and stone surfaces. We do more than clean the surface, we perform deep-down extraction and our services are specifically designed for superior care, maintenance, and protection of your natural stone, ceramic tile, grout, and masonry surfaces.

color seal afterProtect your stone and tile investment, whether for your home or office by having your living/bath floor surfaces professionally cleaned and sealed as necessary. We can restore its beauty and insure you a lifetime of use from your natural stone or ceramic tile with our 7-step cleaning and/or sealing procedure:

  1. Pre Test ~ Your floor will be pre-tested to determine what type of tile it is.
  2. Pre Inspection ~ Your floor will be inspected for cracked tiles, missing grout and any other damage. These conditions will be brought to your attention before we begin cleaning.
  3. Pre Condition ~ A solution designed especially for ceramic tile and grout will be generously applied to the floor. This cleaning agent penetrates the grout breaking down dirt, grease, cooking oils and spills.
  4. Spotting ~ Special solutions will be used for tough spots.
  5. Hot Water Rinse ~ Our high powered truck-mounted equipment will thoroughly rinse the floor, washing away the loosened dirt and grime.
  6. Post Inspection ~ Your floor will be inspected to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning. Any details will be brought to your attention.
  7. Sealer Applied ~ After the floor is cleaned (generally 48 hours later); a sealer should be applied to the grout. Sealing the grout helps to keep dirt, oils and spillage from permanently staining the grout. Grout must be completely dry before applying sealer.

NOTE: Most grout is not sealed when tile is installed. This leaves your grout vulnerable to staining by dirt, cooking oils and spillage. Protect your grout today by having it sealed with our “breathable” sealer.

The characteristics of the superior sealers/protectors we use are:

sealer on grout

Oil Repellent ~ Water Repellent ~ Color Enhancer ~ Soap Scum & Hard Water Deposit Repellent ~ Sunlight/UV Protection ~ Grout Haze Protector