Delta Fogging Planes for Coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus, Delta Airlines has begun fogging their planes. Thermal fogging is a technique that uses a fogger to disperse disinfectant in a room. The Delta thermal fogging makes sure to get every surface with the disinfectant. Afterward, a cleaning crew comes in to clean the plane further.

Thermal fogging is effective against other coronaviruses. While there is no data, yet, to say that it will 100% work against the novel coronavirus, it may help to eliminate the virus on board planes. The disinfectants used have data that support their ability to kill other “hard-to-kill” viruses. The data suggests that the disinfectants would also be effective at killing the novel coronavirus, however, it cannot be stated at a fact just yet. 

Thermal Fogging on Planes

Delta began using the thermal fogging process for routine cleaning on planes that had been to Asia. Now, they are doing thermal fogging on planes that go to other areas where outbreaks are present. In addition to thermal fogging, surface cleaning tactics are employed. Thorough cleaning shows a best effort to reduce the risk of the coronavirus still being on the plane whenever new passengers get on.

Cleaning between flights is important. Delta wants to follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting. Thermal fogging is a professional method for applying disinfectants. When used alongside regular cleaning methods, studies have shown it to be effective in disinfection efforts.

Slowing down Coronavirus

Disinfecting may not stop the virus in its tracks, but it may slow it from spreading. The CDC says that the coronavirus spreads from contact with droplets from a sneeze or cough. Some of these droplets may become airborne or end up on surfaces. If someone breathes them in or touches the surface before touching their face, they could get sick. Thermal fogging also has the distinction in cleaning the air. 

Delta’s efforts to disinfect their planes may make air travel safer during this pandemic. Thermal fogging also kills other germs and viruses that can make people sick. Washing our hands, keeping social distance, and disinfecting surfaces is the approach that the CDC recommends as a response to the coronavirus.