Water Damage Tips

While water damage can be unpleasant, home and business owners can take steps to mitigate the damage until water damage experts arrive. Health and safety should also be factored into your plan whenever water damage occurs on your property.

What you can do

If the water damage is the result of a damaged pipe, shut off the water supply. Only do this if it is safe for you to do so. Electrical devices also need to be unplugged or disconnected before the water reaches them.

Removing lamps, computers, TVs, and more from the area will help to spare those items from water damage while also protecting you from electrical shock. When this is not possible, it is best to evacuate the property until help arrives. Never do anything that would endanger your safety.

If flood waters have receded, you might be able to remove some of the excess water from carpets and floors using mops or towels. Wooden furniture can be wiped down to mitigate some of the leftover moisture.

Books, files and other paper items should not be left on wet desks or floors. Pick them up and place them in a dry location. Furs and leather goods should also be hung up to dry. You may need to wear gloves and other protective gear while doing this.

Specialty rugs should also be removed from the floors if you are able to move them. Water-logged items can be heavy, so only do this if you have help or are able to move the items on your own. Otherwise, it is best to leave them in place until the remediation team arrives.

Until the water damage has been mitigated, do not use appliances in your home or office. Remember that water and electricity do not mix. Electronics and appliances will not be safe to use on the property until the water has been removed and the area is completely dry.

Your water damage remediation team is here to help

Call your water damage remediation team within 24 to 48 hours. The longer water and moisture is allowed to soak your items, the more damage the water can cause. There is also an increased risk for the growth of mold on the property and on your personal belongings.