Upholstery Cleaning for the Home or Office

Upholstery begins to look lived-in over time. Dirt, soil, body oils, and more can stain and seep into the upholstery. This can dull its color and fray its fibers. It can even cause odors that permeate throughout the home or office. Upholstery cleaning can remove the deep-seated dirt and odors. This can restore your upholstered furniture to like-new condition.

The upholstery cleaning process

We have a 12-step process for upholstery cleaning It begins with a pre-inspection. Our cleaning specialist inspect the upholstery for fabric type and soiling conditions. We only clean micro-fiber or micro-suede upholstery on site. Other types of upholstery receive cleaning at our warehouse.

We pre-vacuum to remove the dry soil within the upholstery before we do anything else. This is always the first major step in the actual cleaning process. We protect Carpet and wood floors before we begin cleaning the upholstery. We use an absorbent material to protect the floors.

Next we pre-spray and pre-spot treat to loosen the soil from the problem areas. Then we pre-agitate to work the pre-spray and pre-spot treatments into the fabric. We use a tool designed for this purpose.

The Washing and Drying Process

After the soil has been loosened, we rinse and extract to clean and sanitize the fabric. Water pressure is controlled and closely regulated so as not to flood the fabric. The fabric is both sanitized and deodorized.

We also neutralize to restore the pH balance of your upholstery. It ensures that no sticky residue is left behind from the cleaning and rinsing process.

The remaining spots get Post-spot treatment. We will employ our specialty spot removal methods to clean any stubborn spots. Once cleaned, we dry towel the item to absorb as much moisture as possible for faster drying. High-velocity air movers speed dry the upholstered item.

Post-grooming and post-inspection are the final touches to upholstery cleaning for your home or office. Some upholstered items need grooming to acquire a certain look, and we do that. We also provide a final inspection. Your upholstery will look like and smell like new!