Understanding Structural Restoration

Over time, the structure of your home can suffer structural damage. This can come from years of weathering storms. Fire, water damage, and ground shifting can also contribute. Mold overgrowth can cause structural damage. Cracks in the walls, beams that seem to bow, and wood that has begun to warp are signs of structural damage.

Think about what the structure of your house entails. The beams and foundation hold the house together. Without a strong structure, a house would be nothing more than a pile of wood or rubble. The structure gives it form and makes it a safe place for people to call home.

Why Structural Damage Matters

Weakened or damaged property structures pose danger to those who live in the building. What happens if a structural beam snaps from the weight of the house because its core wood corroded from water and mold? Those beams hold the house up, so it’s important to take care of them and fix problems before they become worse.

Crawl spaces and foundations that have become damaged can cause the house to settle. That means that the house will dip lower toward the ground. This can cause another host of problems as the floor cracks or the walls buckle. Structural restoration will identify, diagnose, and remediate those problems. It will restore the structural integrity of the building.

What Can Be Done

This does not always mean that beams or foundations need replacing. Structural restoration can involve mold remediation. It can also include water and fire damage remediation, and repairs and patching of the structural materials within the home. Cleaning the home, including forgotten or hard-to-reach areas like the crawl space, can also be part of structural restoration. 

Cleaning and restoration experts can inspect the home for structural problems. They can also work on appropriate solutions to restore the property. They will examine every aspect of the house. The team will check the integrity of walls and beams, and testing the foundation. 

More than one solution might be available. It depends on the problems that the experts find when they inspect the home.