Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning for Your Home or Office

Stone and tile looks so beautiful when it is first installed but collects dirt and grime over time. Restoring the beauty of stone and tile is possible, but why stop there? Protecting the stone and tile can preserve the cleanliness and beauty for much longer. That’s where our stone, tile, and grout cleaning techs come in.

Our stone, tile, and grout cleaning technicians will clean and sanitize the surfaces. They will also do a deep extraction. This restores the beauty of your natural stone, ceramic tile, grout, and masonry surfaces. There is a seven-step process for cleaning and sealing the stone, tile, and grout. It will help to protect your investment in your home or office.

7 step process

When performing stone, tile, and grout cleaning we pre-test the surface to determine the type of tile. We follow with a pre-inspection that looks for cracked surfaces and problem areas. Pre-conditioning is a special solution for ceramic tiles and grout. It is applied to the floor to work its magic and deep clean the surface. Tough spots will be spot treated (spotting step) as needed with appropriate solutions.

The hot water rinse uses our high-powered truck-mounted equipment. It will deliver a thorough rinse that removes the loosened dirt and grime. Our post-inspection will ensure that we got everything. The floor needs to dry for at least 48 hours before the sealer application step. Grout must be completely dry before we can apply the sealant.

Why sealing is important

Sealing the grout helps to protect it from dirt and grime. When it is left unsealed, it can be vulnerable to dirt stains, cooking oils, grease, and spillage. Our breathable sealer protects grout from stains while also allowing it to “breathe.” It repels water, oil, soap scum, and hard water deposits. The sealant also protects against sunlight and UV radiation. The beauty of your grout and tiles can survive the oil and grease from the kitchen and the dirty shoes of guests and visitors.

Stone, tile, and grout cleaning for your home or office can restore the cleanliness and beauty of your floors. Superior care, maintenance, and protection for your stone and tile begins by contacting us today.