Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaning your home should go beyond throwing out unused items or donating old clothes. Dirt and grime builds up in your home over winter, and spring is the perfect time to start fresh.

While Spring cleaning seems like an impossible task, you can do it. Your home will be healthier and brighter after a good spring cleaning.

The initial cleaning and organization

Start by assessing each room in your house. Clean out the clutter and organize your belongings. Your belongings will be easier to find, and you can sort out the items that you wish to donate or throw out.

Dust furniture and fixtures. We don’t often think about cleaning our ceiling fans or wall hangings, but those could use a good dusting, as well. Clean windows and windowsills to let in more light.

Professional cleaning and maintenance

Now is the time to invest in professional carpet and specialty rug cleaning. Over time, the fibers in carpets and rugs collect dirt and allergens from the atmosphere. This helps to purify the air. However, carpets become less effective as the dirt collects in the fibers. Vacuuming helps to get up some of it but not all. A professional shampoo can refresh carpets.

The tiles in your bathroom and kitchen can also be cleaned. Deep-down extraction performed by your professional cleaning team ensures that stone and tile receive a thorough cleaning. The stone and tiles are also sanitized. Sealing the grout protects your stone and tile investments. It will look like a new kitchen or bathroom floor.

Air ducts become clogged with allergens, dirt, and dust. Improve the air quality in your home by having your air ducts and vents inspected and cleaned. The air that moves through the vents will be fresher. That makes for easier breathing during the spring and summer months.

Spring cleaning your home also includes cleaning upholstered furniture and draperies. These items often cannot be thrown into the washing machine, nor should they be. A professional upholstery cleaning takes care of deep-seated dirt and odors, restoring the brightness and beauty of the upholstery.

Your home takes on new life after a thorough Spring cleaning. Not only will your home be healthier and the air quality improved, your investment will provide your family for many years to come.