Property Damage Reconstruction for the Home and Office

Fires and floods can cause property damage to your home or office. Daily wear and tear also cause damage to building structures and personal property. Luckily, property damage reconstruction for the home and office is possible.

We can’t prevent every fire or stop all flooding from happening. Despite our best efforts, these things can still occur. Natural disasters will damage homes and offices. The good news is that property can often be restored.

Restoration services

Property restoration experts will clean and dry specialty rugs and carpets. A deep cleaning removes the dirt, soil, and smoke from the carpet fibers. The specialty rugs also get groomed to restore their original appearance.

Basement restoration involves removing the water, a complete drying of the area, and disinfecting the walls and floor. Mold remediation specialists take the time to treat the walls to prevent mold growth.

Furniture, electronics, and other items are restored through content restoration. The restoration professionals look over each item and provide estimates. You and your insurance company review these estimates. Once approved, the team completes the restorations on the items.

Reconstruction services

The time it takes to restore property depends on the level of damage. Our goal is always to restore. Some items may need complete replacement, of course. We can determine which items are restorable when we conduct our inspections. We also offer construction services to restore the property.

Restoration may involve a process that begins with cleaning and disinfecting. Other items may also need repairs. For example, carpets sometimes need repaired seams or spot dye repairs. Other types of repairs include bonded insert repairs, threshold repairs, and full dye repairs. Our team repairs carpets and specialty rugs.

Fire damage may mean repairs for some property. It is important to restore walls, furniture, carpets, and personal items soon after the fire. Soot and smoke settle into items to cause more damage. Restoration includes washing and neutralizing odors left over from the fire.

Our construction services also work to restore homes and offices. Fire and flood damage might destroy building structures that need rebuilding. Property damage reconstruction covers the entire property. We want you to get back on your feet. Call us today to learn more about our services.