Preferred Vendor and What It Means for You

When damage occurs on a property, homeowners will call their insurance companies. Insurance companies will refer their customers to preferred vendors to handle the assessments and restoration work. What does having a “preferred vendor” manage the remediation process mean for the homeowner?

Preferred vendors and trusted providers

Preferred vendors, or trusted providers, work closely with insurance companies to provide quality work at the most affordable price. Think of it as a beneficial relationship that ensures completion within your available budget.

Insurance companies vet vendors before adding them to their preferred vendor list. This means that the vendor must meet the standards of the insurance company. Vendors undergo evaluation of their services. If a vendor can’t meet the level that the insurance asks for, then the vendor won’t be added to the preferred vendor list.

When insurance companies give their customers a preferred vendor list, the customers have the advantage of knowing that the provider tested for quality assurance. This is another reason why preferred vendors are sometimes called trusted providers. Homeowners have a guarantee that the work they receive from the vendor is top quality.

Preferred vendors must meet certain budgetary standards. For example, if the insurance will cover $3,000 for a water damage restoration claim, the preferred provider will work to stay within that budget. The homeowner can trust that the provider won’t overcharge them for the work.

Using preferred vendors can help ease some of the stress for a homeowner. Instead of calling hundreds of providers for the best quote, the preferred vendor list can narrow the search to a few providers committed to the best pricing strategies. Preferred vendors have experience working with your insurance.

The restoration process will take less time and be more efficient. Preferred vendors already have a relationship with the insurance company. This means that the insurance company and preferred vendor have already hashed out the background details.

Negotiating and arguing with an insurance company can slow down work. Preferred vendors already have agreements with insurance companies and don’t need to worry about negotiating the details each time.

Preferred vendors offer perks compared to non-preferred vendors. Discounts and warranties provide peace of mind that the homeowner would not have if working with a provider not on the insurance company’s list.

Preferred vendor vs. non-preferred vendor

Also, using a preferred vendor speeds up the claims process. Instead of waiting for approval from the insurance company, the preferred vendor already has that approval and begins the work soon after making a claim. The preferred vendor must stay within price limits. This prevents price gouging. Homeowners may be able to take advantage of special discounts as well.

A non-preferred vendor can overcharge for their services. The insurance might also not agree to the terms and reject covering the charges. What does that mean? The homeowner foots the entire bill.

Another benefit to using preferred vendors is that we guarantee our work. What if the vendor doesn’t meet expected standards? The homeowner can call the insurance provider for correction. Vendors that don’t meet quality standards can lose their title and face list removal.

Preferred vendors make it easier on the homeowner. Instead of dealing with countless vendors, many not vetted, and going back and forth with the insurance company, restoration begins within a few days (even hours!) of the initial claim.

Damage caused by water, fires, and mold might seem frightening. Working with a preferred vendor means that you, the homeowner, can have real peace of mind during repairs.

C.A.R.E. Services is a preferred vendor for several insurance companies. We work with you and your insurance to restore your home or office. You don’t have to worry because we ensure the highest quality work at the best price, and we communicate with you every step of the way.

C.A.R.E. offers vent cleaning services, mold remediation, water damage and fire damage restoration, carpet and specialty rug cleaning, hazard cleaning, content restoration, and more.