Pet Stain Removal for Your Home

Our pets become our furry family members. They entertain us, enrich our lives, and just make life generally better. Even so, animals can cause some messes within our homes. Urinating on the carpet is one of those messes that cause odors which never seem to go away.

Pet stain removal t requires more than just a quick spot clean. Scrubbing with soap and water, like many people are tempted to do, can intensify the odors coming from the carpet. The visible spot might be removed yet the odor remains.

If the area wasn’t cleaned when the urine was fresh, the urine becomes alkalinized and can permanently change the dye structure of the fibers. It can be even harder to remove the pet urine stain when that happens. The damage to the dye structure would still remain even after the urine deposits have been cleaned away. Urine can also seep onto the wooden flooring below if it is extensive and has been left untreated for too long.

How can both the stain and odors be removed?

Good news! It’s possible to remove overpowering pet urine odors and stains from carpets. We have many different solutions for treating the odors and restoring the freshness of your carpet and your home.

We can clean the carpet and treat the odors for a solution that smells fresh and beautifies the carpet once again.

Our technicians will examine the carpet and determine which odor treatments will need to be applied. Several treatments may need to be utilized for certain types of odors, but we work with you toward the best solution.

Pets will sometimes urinate on the carpet. It happens. But you can remove the stain and odors with pet stain removal cleaning by your C.A.R.E. Services experts.

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