Pet Odor Removal from the Home

Your pets are your family. We know and understand that. Many of our professionals have pets, too. Even so, your pets do not have to ruin your carpets. You can have pet odor removal for your home.

Types and causes of pet odors

Pet owners are likely to experience pet urine in the home at some point. Whether it is a puppy accident or an aging cat, pet urine happens to the carpets or upholstery. Leaving it alone results in the urine turning acidic. This makes it harder to remove, so treating pet urine and odors right away is important.

Pets also bring in other odors from outdoors. Dirt and grime from paws cause odors that become deep-seated into carpet fibers. Pet odor removal for the home often involves several steps.

How deep-cleaning removes pet odors

First, we will assess the cause of the odors and their locations. Carpet fibers tend to hold many of the odors of the home, so one of the first things that we do is a deep-clean of your carpets and specialty rugs. Dirt lifts and washes away.

Upholstery with pet odors will be cleaned in a thorough manner. Our 12-step process ensures that dirt, allergens, and bacteria are removed and eliminated from your furniture.

Odor-elimination treatments

Once our team of professionals have cleaned the affected areas, we use one of our two odor-elimination methods to refresh your home.

One method uses a machine that releases a molecular compound into the air. The compound breaks down odor molecules in the air and carpet so that what is left is pure freshness! This process is non-invasive, which means you and your family can be in your home when we perform it.

The other method requires that you temporarily vacate your home. Our professionals must wear special respirators for this technique. Foggers clean the air and surrounding surfaces with a cleansing smoke.

Like the original odors, the smoke is absorbed into your carpets and upholstery, overpowering the unpleasant odors. The result is fresher air. You could have five dogs and cats and your home would still smell clean and fresh!

If you have pet odors in your home, call us today at 888-635-1951! We can help you with pet odor removal in your home and restore health and freshness to your carpets and upholstery.