Mold Removal DIY

It can be tempting to remove mold without the help of a professional. People who undertake mold removal DIY often do not realize the risks involved or know the extent of the mold damage. The visible mold might only be the “tip of the iceberg” to a mold problem.

Where mold comes from

Our air always contains mold spores. We can’t see them. Most of the time, the mold spores do not cause any problems and will just pass through an area without taking root. If the conditions are right, however, then mold spores will find a place to settle and start to grow. The growth does not become obvious until it has become extensive enough to cause that tell-tale smell of mold or results in visible mold growth on surfaces.

The mold could actually extend far below the surface. In fact, mold can even grow inside of walls and floor boards. Removing the outer mold will not remove the mold because it continues to grow below the surface. The visible mold will just come back.

Moisture contributes to the growth of mold. A room might have a leaky pipe problem that makes it a perfect environment for mold to take root. If the moisture source is not eliminated, the mold will continue to grow and come back even after surface cleaning.

Important safety precautions

Cleaning mold also requires following safety procedures. Mold can irritate respiratory systems. Toxic mold can cause other health problems, as well. If someone undertakes mold removal DIY without proper precautions, he or she risks health issues.

The mold removal and mitigation team at C.A.R.E. Services understands the science of mold and mold growth. We assess the extent of the mold damage and ascertain the source of the moisture that may be contributing to an inviting atmosphere for mold.

Our team arrives in the appropriate safety gear for cleaning and removing mold so that you and your family are safe from its ill effects. We go to the root of the mold problem to remove the mold growth and prevent its recurrence. Mold removal DIY is not recommended. Let our team take care of the mold damage mitigation for you.