Maintaining Your Furnace to Avoid Fire Damage

The furnace room often remains forgotten throughout the year. As soon as the weather turns chilly, though, people remember their furnaces. But furnaces can cause fires when not cared for the proper way.

Decreasing risk of fire damage

By the same token, homeowners can decrease the risk of fire damage. How? The first defense against furnace-related fires is a clean basement or furnace room. Keep the clutter away from the furnace. Always leave space for regular maintenance of the furnace. Ventilation space is important for furnaces. Poor ventilation increases the potential for fire hazard.

If possible, don’t use the furnace room as storage space as it can increase the likelihood of causing a fire if items clutter and crowd around the furnace.  Furnaces are very hot and release heated air. Of course, items can catch fire when exposed to heated air.

Keep things as separate as possible. First, the laundry area needs to be distanced from the furnace. Second, don’t dry clothing near the furnace because it can cause a fire. Third, keep flammable liquids in a separate location as well. The basic rule is: If it can catch fire, keep it away from the furnace.

in Addition, if you have a cat, keep the litter box in a location away from the furnace. The ammonia fumes can corrode the furnace’s heat exchanger. Another downside to kitty litter being too close? The odors from the litter box can travel throughout the home.

Dust can build up in the furnace ducts. Vacuum and clean around the furnace to remove this dust buildup. Keeping the area clean also helps to lessen the potential for a fire.

Regular maintenance

Similarly, home maintenance of the furnace is important. It’s also important to hire professionals to inspect the furnace on a regular basis. Furnaces should also be checked over every winter. Ensure that everything is in working order. Some parts of the furnace might need replacing as proactive maintenance is less expensive than reactive damage control.

Regular care of the furnace and furnace room can go a long way toward preventing fire damage. Don’t forget about your furnace throughout the year. Following the tips that we outlined above will help you avoid furnace-caused fires.

As always, make sure to have a smoke detector in every room of the house. The furnace room is no exception to this advice. Place a smoke detector in a secure location away from the furnace. Ensure that the room has enough ventilation for proper circulation of heated air.

Fires can still occur despite our best-laid plans. We can do our part in lessening the risk of fire damage in our homes. But when a fire does occur, know who to call to restore your home. Our team of professionals works with you and your insurance company for the best service that fits your budget.

Fire damage experts assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Restoration techniques depend on the type of damage and the damaged item(s). For example, specialty rugs have different cleaning and repair requirements than framed photos. Our team wants to provide the best C.A.R.E. for your home 123 movies 123 movies 123movies 123movies free 123 movies crack streams