Home Damage Inspection

The first step in any restoration project will be the home damage inspection. This process will vary according to the type of damage. The general idea is to look for the source of the damage. Then the level of damage and the proper solutions to remediate the particular damage.

Water – home damage inspection

Water home damage inspection begins with moisture detection and identifying the source. Where is the water damage located? What is the source of the water damage? 

Next, inspectors will look for visible deterioration. They will make note of any pre-existing damage in their assessment. Visible microbial growth will take place during the inspection. During the restoration process, your experts will watch the drying process.

Fire – home damage inspection

Fire damage inspections include an assessment of the damage. They include a more detailed assessment. Where did the fire originate? How far did the fire damage go? Inspectors will also look at the location of soot and smoke throughout the house. Even rooms not touched by the fire can have smoke and soot residue damage.

Mold – home damage inspection

Mold inspections will involve inspecting the areas where mold is visible. It also includes surrounding areas. Mold can root itself within the walls. Because of this, the level of mold damage is not always clear on the surface. Inspectors will determine the extent of the mold growth beyond the surface damage.

It is important for us to asses where the water is coming from. We will also want to remove the moisture source before we begin mold remediation. 

You should give as much information as you can about your water, fire or mold damage to the restoration team. 

They will make sure to inspect your home to determine the level of damage. They will choose a course of action to remediate the damage. Then, they will begin the process of restoring your home.

It is important to also find signs of damage that might not be obvious to the casual observer. This ensures that the remediation and restoration is thorough and complete. You will be able to return to the comfort of your home before the damage.