Health Effects from Water Damage

Health effects from water damage are an inconvenience for home and business owners. Water damage can result from flooding or a leaky pipe. The health effects from the damage can continue to be a hazard if not handled.

Water can soak deep into the walls and carpet fibers. Home and business owner should not try to handle water damage themselves. It might only dry the surface of the water damage without touching the water within the building. It can create a musty smell that grows stronger over time.

Mold and Respiratory Effects

Mold growth can cause health effects from water damage. Various types of mold will be able to take root within the walls, floors, carpeting, etc. Mold can irritate allergies and asthma. It can also cause any number of respiratory problems.

Breathing problems worsen in a home or building that has unresolved water damage. The musty smell or mold growth can cause health issues. These issues associated with water damage can become worse. This is why it is vital for home and business owners to call for water damage restoration as soon as possible.

Fatal Effects

Different types of mold can grow after water damage. But the worst mold is black mold or toxic mold. Aside from breathing problems associated with mold growth, toxic mold has could cause death.

The longer water damage remains, the worse the potential health effects. The damage will also get worse as the water soaks through other materials.

Health effects from water damage might not be obvious at first. Musty smells and mold can cause several problems for people. They can cause allergic reactions from the exposure and respiratory issues for those with asthma. Or even those with compromised immune systems can feel the effects.

If your home or office has experienced water damage, then it is important to call trusted professionals right away. They will assess the damage and determine the source of the water if not obvious. They will clean and dry the area, and restore your home and belongings to pre-loss condition. Protect your health from the health effects of water damage.