After the Flood – Don’t Just Restore, Remediate

According to, water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year, and the average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965.

Types of Relief

Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, or busted pipe, when water causes damages to your home, it can be difficult to know where to begin to get your property back to its original state. Not only can rising water levels damage your belongings; they can also cause lasting issues with structure and mold that require more than a good cleaning to resolve.

Water damage remediation and restoration are not the same things. Water damage remediation not only makes your property look clean and new, it ensures that integral damage is reversed and that your structures remain sound. Water damage remediation comprises multiple tasks, including:

  • Flood Water Restoration & Repair
  • Moisture Testing
  • Complete Structural & Content Drying
  • Drywall, Carpet, & Water Damage Repair
  • Water Extraction & Pump Out
  • Sewage Remediation
  • Disinfect & Odor Control
  • Personal Property Drying & Storage

Water damage remediation must be implemented as soon as possible after the damage occurs to avoid irreversible damage. Water damage remediation professionals are on call to respond to emergencies to conduct immediate damage assessments and begin taking necessary steps.

The initial assessment must determine the source of the water, and whether that source was clean or contaminated, as well as the extent of the damage to the property.  At this time, smaller, easily transported items will be removed to reduce the risk of contamination.

To remove water from the property, professionals will utilize air movers and drying equipment. Water will be either absorbed, drained, pumped or vacuum-extracted. Temperature is also crucial to ensuring that water continues to evaporate from a home, leaving humidity levels in check.

Water is a particularly insidious culprit when it comes to damage to homes, as it can be absorbed into crevices to cause mold and mildew, as well as weaken the foundation and structure, and can be difficult to detect. As such, drying must be quickly implemented and thorough, and steps must be taken to disinfect any surfaces that might have developed mold or mildew.

It is important to note that mold is a natural part of any home environment, so it will never be 100 percent removed. Rather, mold remediation treats areas of overgrowth to bring mold levels back down to normal.

Safety is of the utmost concern during the remediation process; it is vital that electrical hazards be assessed and resolved, and that any possibility of disease transmission is eliminated by sanitizing affected items with antimicrobial/antibacterial treatments.

Restoration techniques depend on the item and the extent of the damage, but professionals will refinish furniture, repair electronics, dry documents, and repair building materials. Some damaged items may require specialists to bring them back to their original states, but in most instances, professional service firms will work with your insurance company to determine cost-effective tactics and specialists.

Following the professional restoration process, homeowners must continue to ensure their spaces are properly ventilated and kept at the appropriate temperature and humidity levels.

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