Deep Upholstery Cleaning for your Car after an Active Summer

Summer fun! From long car rides to the beach or the daily back and forth from the pool, the upholstery in your car can begin to show some wear and tear. Now you can get a deep upholstery cleaning for your car after an active summer.

Refresh your car before the school season starts. Over time, car upholstery can absorb smells and stains from regular use. Most of us are very busy over the summer months. We have vacations, road trips, and summer activities that often means a messier car.

Our car upholstery deep-cleaning process

With a deep cleaning for your car upholstery, you might experience that “new car” smell once again. Our process ensures that the upholstery receives a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. It will be like being in a new vehicle! It’s a perfect way to get ready for the end of summer and the beginning of the school season.

We begin the car upholstery deep-cleaning process with an inspection and a thorough vacuuming of your car. tough spots receive treatment. Loosening the soil will make cleaning more effective.

The pre-spray solution that we use brushes into the fabric to loosen more dirt and grime. Our next step in the process is the use of our specially designed upholstery extraction tools.

We regulate the water pressure to ensure that the fabric is not flooded. After cleaning, we neutralize the fabric and restore pH balance. No sticky residue is left behind once your car upholstery is cleaned.

Ahh, that “new car” smell is back!

If spots are still present, our professional team treats those areas again. The upholstery is still damp at this point. We dry towel the car upholstery for moisture absorption to facilitate drying.

The final step for your deep car upholstery cleaning after an active summer is the post-inspection. Our inspectors and the car owner check over the car to ensure that yes, it meets our high standards of quality.

What would you do for that “new car” smell again? Consult with a car upholstery cleaning specialist today and learn how we can help you restore the beauty of your car interior! Call us at 888-635-1951 to set up an appointment. 123 movies 123 movies 123movies 123movies free 123 movies crack streams