How Can I Get My House Deep Cleaned?

Even the most well taken care of home needs the occasional deep clean. Over time, our homes collect dirt and grime from everyday living. Regular cleaning keeps the dirt under some control, but the unseen dirt often still remains behind.

We offer the following services for a deep clean house:

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs collect dirt within their fibers. One report from the Eureka Company discovered that a 9×12 area rug can hold up to 85 pounds of “hidden” dirt! Only a deep cleaning can remove all of the hidden dirt and allergens that carpets and rugs collect over the year.

Deep cleaning your carpets involves vacuuming, shampooing and rinsing, drying, and finishing the carpet. We can also repair carpet. Fibers look fresh and new, and carpets feel as comfortable as the day they were installed. Specialty rugs get a specialized cleaning in our warehouse.


Upholstered furniture and draperies also collect hidden dirt. This can make draperies heavier. Smells may settle into upholstered furniture over time. Regular cleaning helps remove some of the overlaying dust but not all. Deep cleaning gets what regular cleaning misses.

Our process for cleaning upholstery includes 12 steps. We start with pre-inspection and pre-vacuumimg. The upholstered item receives a pre-spray and pre-spot treatment. Next, we pre-agitate the item, which means that we work the pre-spray treatment into the fabric to bring up deep-seated dirt.

We rinse and extract, neutralize odors, post-spot treatment, and towel dry. The final steps are speed drying the item and post-grooming so that it looks like new!

Tiles/stone and grout

Tiled and stone flooring looks brand new after a deep cleaning. After the grout is cleaned, our team seals the grout so that it stays brighter for longer. Our deep-down extraction methods remove dirt and grime that has been pushed into the stone tiles from everyday use.

Air ducts

Air ducts and air filtration systems improve air quality by filtering the air that we breathe. They collect dust over regular use and need deep cleaned every so often to restore the health of the system. You’ll notice the difference after a thorough air duct cleaning.

Performing an annual or biannual deep cleaning ensures that your investment lasts longer. You know that your home is clean and healthy after getting your house deep cleaned.

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