Crime Scene Cleanup for the Home and Office

Tragedy can occur at any moment. People will do their best to prepare for tragedy, but we are not always able to stop crime from happening. The damage that crime leaves behind becomes a constant reminder.

After the police have gathered their evidence, the scene needs cleaning and restoration. Crime that happens in a home or office means that the people left behind still need to use the space. What can they do? Call crime scene cleanup professionals who can handle the space with appropriate care.

What does crime scene cleanup involve?

The crime scene cleanup crew removes biohazard waste in a safe manner. Professionals handle contaminants with proper protective gear. Bio-hazards include blood, bodily fluids, and tissue. Once the biohazards have been removed, the crew begins cleaning and sanitizing the home or office.

It is important to remove all traces of the tragedy for safety and health reasons. Crime scene cleanup crews do a complete sweep of the area. They want to ensure that every nook and cranny gets cleaned. Upholstery, carpets, specialty rugs, and other property within the building are cleaned.

But cleaning alone is not enough. The visual signs of the crime are washed away. Crime scene cleanup crews must now sterilize the space. Cleaning removes some of the bacteria but not all. A thorough sterilization ensures that the space is safe for people to live or work in.

Crime scene cleanup crews also work to remove and neutralize any leftover odors. By the time the crew has finished, the home or office will appear as it did before the crime occurred. Our goal is to remove all signs of trauma.

Prepared cleanup crews

Crime scene cleanup crews are available 24/7. Tragedy can happen at any time, and we are ready to help you handle the cleanup. We want to restore the home or office as soon as possible. We can come any time of the day.

Our C.A.R.E. Services team handles hazard cleaning with the same care that we handle other cleaning services. If a crime or biohazard happens, call us.