Commercial Carpet Cleaning for the Office

The carpet in your office adds to the welcoming atmosphere for your clients. If carpets look dirty or worn, it is time to invest in commercial carpet cleaning for the office. You and your clients will appreciate the results.

Why commercial carpets need cleaning

Carpet fibers absorb all of the dirt and grime that visitors bring in on their shoes. Over time, all of the sand, dirt, red-clay, and pollen that is common for North Carolina wear down carpets.

Studies have shown that carpets help to filter the air, improving air quality. Dirty carpet fibers, however, are not able to effectively trap allergens from the atmosphere. Commercial carpet cleaning for the office can restore the health benefits of your carpets.

The best commercial carpet cleaning methods

The best method for deep-cleaning the carpets is truck-mounted hot water extraction. What this technique does is reach the dirt that is ingrained into the carpet fibers, pulling it up and out. The extracted dirt is rinsed away to reveal a clean carpet.

Hot water and carpet cleaning solution sanitize the carpets. It not only removes the deep-seated dirt and grime but also eliminates germs and other irritants that have invaded the carpets.

Other cleaning methods are not able to remove all of the dirt and allergens worn into the carpet fibers. It guarantees the most thorough cleaning for your carpets.

Protecting your carpet investment

Our commercial carpet cleaning services go beyond the basics. Not only do we deep clean the carpets, we also protect them. The carpet is first cleaned before we apply a special protectant.

This carpet protectant will make vacuuming more effective. How? Well, it seals the carpet fibers so that the vacuum cleaner [icks up all of the dirt and grime. Refresh the carpet every time it is vacuumed!

Ready to restore the health and beauty of the carpet at your offices? Contact us at 888-635-1951 to schedule a consultation with a commercial carpet cleaning expert today. We can also clean specialty rugs and upholstered furniture. Let us know what you need!