Carpet Repair After an Active Summer

Carpets are a long-time investment for your home. While carpets and rugs are meant to be walked on and sat on, the wear-and-tear of everyday life can begin to show. It may be time for carpet repair after an active summer.

Summer fun and damaged carpet

This active summer may have meant that the carpets and rugs in your home received a lot of foot traffic. Carpet repair restores your carpets to their previous condition. You can have gorgeous carpets again. As-needed carpet repair is the perfect way to maintain the beauty of your investment.

Frayed seams and loose ends ruin the beauty of your carpets and rugs. Some carpets may also have burn damage from cigarettes or candles. Over time, carpets can develop wrinkles and lose their overall shape.

We can come to your home and assess your carpets for repair. Our IICRC-certified technicians know what to look for and how to repair all different types of carpet damage. You will not have to even think about replacing your favorite carpets when they can be expertly repaired!

Carpet repair services

CARE Services technicians can perform a variety of carpet and rug repairs: patch repairs, bonded insert repairs, seam repairs, threshold repairs, spot dye repairs, and full dye repairs. Corners, seams, and everywhere in between can get the attention of our technicians and receive the care that your carpets deserve.

Your carpets and rugs could become like-new again after being repaired with the expertise that our technicians provide. Visitors might even think you had new carpet installed! Nope, you just had a high-quality team of professionals to restore your carpet.

Carpet repair is also less expensive than purchasing and installing all new carpet every year. Damage from daily use is going to happen. We can restore your carpets so that you and our family can enjoy the comfort and beauty of the carpet for many years to come.

Your carpets and rugs are an investment in the beauty of your home. Carpet repair after an active summer can ensure that your carpets last longer. Contact us at 888-635-1951 for a consultation.