Carpet Cleaning: Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching! That means that our homes will receive plenty of foot traffic. Our carpets will experience the most of this foot traffic, and it will begin to show. Preparing for the holidays includes preparing the carpets for the hustle and bustle of the cheeriest time of year.

Over time, carpet fibers will collect the dirt and allergens that we bring in from outside. Vacuuming gets up some of the dirt but not all of it. Carpets can begin to lose the brightness of their colors and the softness that makes them so inviting.

Professional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning can get your carpets prepared to handle new foot traffic. Restoring the health and beauty of the carpet will help the carpet to do its important and often unknown job of filtering the air, while also providing the beauty that you want for your home.

Carpets will receive shampooing to remove the deep-seated dirt within the carpet fibers. Once dried, the carpet can be treated with a protectant that will keep your carpets just as clean as they were after a professional cleaning. Vacuuming will keep the carpets fresh until the next professional carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning can also extend the life of your carpets.

With a professional carpet cleaning, you can begin the holidays with a freshened carpet. The dirt from summer and fall gets cleaned away to allow the beauty of your carpets to shine through. We often clean our houses every season, and the carpets should be part of that process.

Beauty and health of the carpet

Carpets provide beauty and comfort to our homes. As time goes on, carpets can become worn and dirty. Vacuuming alone will not be able to fully clean them. That’s where a professional carpet cleaning can be the solution. Cleaning the carpets will restore the vibrancy and softness of the carpet fibers.

Prepare for the holidays this season with a professional carpet cleaning from your carpet cleaning experts. Add years to the beauty of your carpet and make your home healthier at the same time. Call us to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.