What Is The Best Way to Remove Mold From the Walls?

Remove mold from walls. That is the goal!

Imagine walking into your favorite room in the house and seeing mold growing on the walls. Not only would it be startling, it may cause some concern. Mold causes respiratory problems and skin irritations. Untreated mold also damages the structures of the home over time.

The spread of mold

Cleaning the area with bleach and water seems like a good idea. However, the mold may go deeper into the wall than what you can see. Bleach is also caustic and dangerous in its own right. You might see the end of the surface mold, while more mold grows beneath the wall.

The CDC recommends that professionals clean the mold from the walls. The health risks associated with mold may be too dangerous for most people. In general, people should avoid areas where there is mold. Cleaning mold must be done with care and caution.

Mold remediation professionals inspect the wall to determine the source of the moisture. Because mold thrives in moisture, that means that moisture must be around the wall somewhere in order for the mold to take root.

The inspection will find out how far the mold has spread and where it is coming from. Once the source of moisture is handled, then cleaning the mold involves a thorough process. Some portions of the wall may need to be removed and replaced if the mold is deep enough.

Keeping mold away

Nearby items may also have come in contact with the mold and need treating. Upholstered furniture needs to be deep cleaned and sanitized. Personal belongings undergo a sanitation process to ensure that the items are safe to handle again. The mold remediation team takes all of this into account when preparing the plan for taking care of the mold.

Removing mold from walls begins by identifying the moisture source and the depth of the mold. As long as the source of moisture remains, the mold will return. The mold removal process goes beyond surface cleaning to deep cleaning, sanitizing, and treating the area.

Mold may return over time. Once a mold problem has been handled, the area should be monitored for signs of mold. Removing mold from the walls is possible. Find out more by contacting us today!