What is the Best Way to Clean a Wool Area Rug?

Wool area rugs provide warmth and beauty to your home. Over time, wool rugs collect dirt and grime and need cleaning. What is the best way to clean a wool area rug? You want to preserve the beauty of the area rug.

Regular cleaning at home

Area rugs might be small enough to fit into a washing machine, but wool area rugs do not belong in the normal spin cycle. This can destroy the rug by shrinking it or worse. Never place your wool rugs into the washing machine.

Take the wool area rug outside to shake off any loose dirt. Once the loose dirt has fallen off, you can return the rug to the floor. Vacuuming the rug will remove more of the dirt.

Professional cleaning of wool area rugs

Professional cleaning of wool area rugs is recommended. Loose rugs, like the wool area rug, are cleaned in our warehouse. We pre-inspect the rug so that we understand everything about it: fiber content, current condition, and dye stability. We go over all of these details with you.

The next step is dry soil removal. According to a study by the Eureka Company, a 9×12 area rug can hold 85 pounds of dirt in its fibers! Dusting the rug front and back removes all of this loose dirt held within the specialty rug’s fibers. The dry soil removal is the most important step in the cleaning process.

We pre-condition and pre-spot the rug. The goal is to loosen more of the dirt and soil. We also do this to any fringe on the rug. Once the rug is pre-treated, we can move onto the wash and rinse stage.

Washing wool rugs

Wash and rinse varies by the type of rug. We have an extraction process that deep-cleans dirt and soil. For Oriental rugs, we have a special area designed specifically for that type of rug. The wash and rinse method chosen depends on the rug.

The rug is clean. Now it will dry in a controlled environment. Some rugs hang dry. Others lay flat while drying. The controlled environment ensures that the wool area rug dries thoroughly and safely.

The final step is finishing. This means that we comb and finish the rug. Now the wool area rug is refreshed and ready to be returned to you. Colors are revived, and the area rug once again provides a welcoming atmosphere for your residence.