Basement Flood Damage Remediation

Basements will be the first areas to become flooded during a rainstorm or flood disaster. Even finished basements can become flooded if there is enough water or the water source is extensive. Basement flood damage remediation is a must to restore the basement and prevent the growth of mold.

Water extraction

Excess water will need to be removed from the basement. This is handled by water extraction equipment that either drains or vacuums the water out of the basement. Standing water can continue to seep into the walls and damage the foundation of the property. It also poses a health hazard if the water comes from a contaminated source.

Drying the basement

After extracting the water, we dry the entire basement. Every corner, nook, and cranny will need to undergo a thorough drying process. Moisture provides the perfect condition for mold growth, so basement flood damage remediation needs to include a strategy for preventing mold and removing any mold that has already taken hold.

Cleaning and disinfecting

The area will also undergo cleaning and disinfecting to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from surfaces. Remediation for flood damage involves a complete cleaning to not only restore the basement to like-new condition but also to remove health hazards and other dangers resulting from the flood damage.

Necessary repairs

We also handle drywall repairs and waterproofing if the property calls for it. Because flood water can permeate drywall and damaged waterproofing can result in additional water damage, it can be necessary to include these services in restoring the space.

Carpet cleaning

If the basement has carpet, carpet cleaning can restore it to its beauty and usefulness. The carpet fibers would have soaked up the flood waters and can harbor bacteria and mold. Deep-cleaning and thoroughly drying the carpet will ensure the health of the basement.

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