Area Rug Cleaning and Why It’s Important

The area rugs in your home accentuate the beauty of your home decor. Over time, area rugs collect dirt and dust from the air. Germs and allergens also find their way into the area rugs. Vacuuming may help to pick up some of the dirt, but it does not get all of it.

Why Area Rugs Need To Be Cleaned

The Eureka Company, which is known for its vacuum cleaners, did a study that revealed how much dirt an area rug can hold. They found out that a 9 x 12 rug can contain 85 pounds of dirt within its fibers! Of course, this would only happen if the area rug is not cleaned on a regular basis.

Think about all of the traffic that area rugs receive over the course of a year. The outside world finds its way into the fibers of area rugs. Dirt, dust, and grime weigh down rugs and damages the fibers. Area rugs begin to look worn and stained.

There is good news, though! Professional rug cleaning restores the beauty of area rugs so that they can once again make a statement within your home. You will notice the difference that an area rug cleaning can make.

Cleaning area rugs

All area rugs are cleaned in our warehouse. This means that we can provide the most thorough cleaning available. We want to give your rugs the special care that they need for long-lasting beauty. You are investing in the care of your area rugs.

We pre-inspect the rug to determine its fiber content, dye stability, and condition. Every area rug is given the cleaning treatment that works best with the specialty rug. We tailor the cleaning to the rug so that your area rugs get the best cleaning and are returned to you in renewed condition.

A technician will come to your house to pick up the rug. Of course, you can also drop off the rug at our shop at 4200 Atlantic Avenue, if you prefer. We offer a discount for those who choose to bring their rugs to us.

Additionally, we remove the dry soil. Woven area rugs, particularly hand-knotted rugs, were designed to hide dry soil. Our team of specialty rug cleaning professionals use a variety of techniques to “dust” the rugs front and back. Removing the dry soil is the most important step in cleaning the textile.

We continue through our process of deep-cleaning your area rugs. Once your rugs are clean, treated, and brushed, we will inspect the rug again for quality assurance. Now you have a clean and beautiful area rug! You can pick the rug up from our shop, or let us deliver it to you.