3 Things To Know About Water Damage

Water can intrude in our homes or offices. Whether it was from a rainstorm, flood, or a plumbing issue, the resultant water damage to your property can seem distressing. Knowing what you can about water damage and what to do about it can help you to be prepared in case it ever happens to your home or business.

Understand what insurance covers with water damage

When you shop for home or business insurance, make sure to find out exactly what your insurance will cover. Not all insurance will cover the same things. Some insurance plans might not cover water damage at all, so it is important to know what is in your plan and what it covers. Does it cover the foundations and building materials of the property? Are personal belongings in the insurance plan?

Timing is everything

The longer water sits, the worse the damage will become over time. Letting the moisture sit for too long can also increase the risk of mold and mildew, both of which can be health hazards. And the longer you wait to take care of the water damage, the harder it will be to restore your belongings and your property. Call your insurance company right away to assess the damage. You will also need to call water damage restoration professionals as soon as possible to clean up the water damage and begin the restoration process.

Water pollution level

Damage gets assessed by the type of water that has entered the property. For example, water from the kitchen sink will not be as contaminated as sewage or flood waters. The water pollution level determines the best and safest methods for removing, extracting, and cleaning after the water damage. The category for water pollution plays an important role in the process for removing it. Unsafe water will require additional protection for those who remove it from the premises.

Prepare for damage before it occurs. It is important to have a plan in place so that when water damage does happen, your home or business can handle it and able to mitigate the damage as soon as possible. Restoration experts will be able to work with you and your insurance company to restore your home or office to its pre-loss condition.