Facts about Mold in your Home or Office

Mold grows on the wet walls of basements and showers. You can find mold in unlikely places, too. Wherever there is moisture, mold can grow. Let’s take a look at some of the key facts about mold and what we can do about mold growth in our homes and offices.

Molds are fungi

Most people don’t realize that molds are a type of fungi. The spores live inside and outside. While the spores need warm, damp, and humid conditions to grow, the spores can survive even in dry areas, as well.

Mold spores are everywhere

Spores carry in the wind. We let them into our houses every time we open the door. It is impossible to avoid the mold spores. They are everywhere. All we can do is ensure that the right conditions are not met for the mold spores to grow.

Mold affects our health

While not everyone is sensitive to mold, many people suffer respiratory effects when mold is present. The mold causes stuffy noses, coughing, and red, itchy eyes and skin. Severe reactions include fever, wheezing, and an inability to breathe.

Mold goes beyond the surface

The mold we see on the surface of a wall might not be the extent of the mold. Cleaning mold off a surface does not always get all the mold. It continues to grow back. Why? Well, molds can extend into walls and seep into carpets. A surface cleaning does not get the mold growth below the surface.

Mold loves moisture

If mold continues to grow back, it must have a continuous source of moisture. Getting rid of mold means cutting off its water supply. Basements need waterproofed seals. Broken pipes should be repaired. Don’t put carpet in wet areas like bathrooms and basements. Ventilate areas and keep them dry to prevent mold growth.

Mold damages porous surfaces

Improper mold removal can actually damage certain surfaces. Because the mold can go deep into carpets, walls, and furniture, cleaning the mold on your own can result in more damage of the item. Scrubbing at the mold also does not always get it all. This is why hiring mold remediation professional makes a difference. We can clean up the mold and make sure it is truly gone.

Mold removal requires safety procedures

Mold is toxic and dangerous to our health. Cleaning mold without the right gear can spread the mold and cause health problems. Mold remediation professionals wear the proper gear to protect themselves and prevent its spread. This gear includes a face mask and gloves. Some mold cases need full protective coverage for the clean-up.