Upholstery Cleaning for the Home

When everyone is home for the summer, the upholstery starts to show it. The long, hot summer with swimming, cookouts, and summer parties can wear on your upholstered furniture. Now is the time to begin thinking about upholstery cleaning for the home.

What a busy, hot summer can do to upholstery

Outside dirt enters the home on a daily basis. During the hot days of summer, human sweat may also get absorbed into upholstery. Cleaning the upholstery from the summer will revive the beauty of your furniture (and take care of any unpleasant odors).

Your team of upholstery cleaning professionals from CARE Services has been trained in the best methods for cleaning upholstery. We will inspect and pre-treat the upholstery in your home. We also make sure to protect floors and other furniture from the cleaning agents that we use.

Spots are specially treated to uplift the dirt and grime deep-seated in the fibers. This means that it will get a more effective cleaning. We might have to brush cleaning agent into the fabric to loosen the soil.

Our specially designed upholstery extraction tools clean and rinse the upholstery in your home. The water pressure is regulated so that the fabric is not flooded. We want to ensure the best and most thorough cleaning possible.

Reveal cleaned upholstery today

The process deodorizes and sanitizes the upholstery fabric. All of the dirt and germs that have been pushed into the fabric are uplifted and rinsed away. Clean upholstery is revealed!

If we see any spots still on the fabric after this process, we work hard to remove them. Another spot treatment is applied. Then we dry towel the fabric to promote faster drying.

High-powered air movers dry the upholstered fabric. This can take some time depending on the size of the upholstered furniture and amount of fabric. Once it is dry, we inspect it again.

The homeowner also takes a look to make sure that everything is cleaned and nothing is missed. Upholstery cleaning for the home brings new life to your house.

With cleaned and sanitized furniture, your home looks improved and feels healthier for you and your family.  Contact us today at 888-635-1951 for a consultation.