Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke and soot can cover surfaces that reach beyond fire damage. A stovetop fire can involve so much smoke that it permeates surfaces in other rooms as the smoke travels throughout the property.

Smoke odors can be unpleasant, as well as potentially irritating sinuses, allergies, and asthma. Regular cleaning will not always remove the odors caused by smoke. So, what is smoke odor removal?

Removing smoke odors

Smoke cleaning and remediation professionals can tackle the tough job of smoke odor removal. They will determine the path of the smoke to make sure that all surfaces impacted by the smoke damage are brought back to original condition.

A cleaning plan will also need to be determined for each item that has evidence of smoke damage. Carpets and specialty rugs will go through a cleaning method that ensures the integrity of the fibers and restores the property to its original condition.

Other materials will be cleaned according to the type of material and the specific item itself. Cleaning and restoration experts will work with you to choose the most appropriate method to clean and deodorize your personal belongings.

Smoke odor removal will also involve cleaning the air of pollutants. There are two options here. The least invasive method involves a machine that emits a molecular compound that effectively “washes” the air of pollutant molecules.

Another method involves fogging the affected area with a cleansing smoke that absorbs into surfaces and eliminates the original smoke odors. Only technicians are present during this method.

No more smoke odors

The C.A.R.E. Services team will remove smoke odors for your home. The longer smoke damage sits on an item, the more damage it can cause. Odors can become deeply embedded into items, and smoke can also add a yellowish tint if left untreated. Our team works to ensure that your property and belongings return to pre-damage condition.

Refresh your home or office after a fire or smoke incident with professional smoke odor removal. Take a deep breath because our experts have your back.