How Do I Remove Mold From My Basement?

Basements help drain water away from the house. Even waterproofed basements still serve this function. The water goes somewhere else instead of draining through the basement. Basements without waterproofing, on the other hand, may experience flooding or regular dampness.

Moisture-loving mold

What does mold like? Yes, mold grows in moisture. Basements are a primary place for mold growth because the conditions are right. A damp, dark basement is a perfect home for mold.

If you see mold growing in your basement, you want to search for the underlying water problem. Mold does not grow without moisture. You could clean the mold only for it to return right away as long as its preferred conditions are still there.

Mold is harmful to your health. Removing mold needs to be done with caution. Health effects of mold are documented by the CDC and include respiratory problems and skin irritations. People with asthma or allergies should not attempt to remove mold.

Keep in mind that even if the visible mold is removed, there could still be mold growing deep within the floor or the walls within the basement. The mold will continue to damage your foundation if left untreated, and it could spread throughout the house.

Professional mold remediation

For health and safety reasons, the CDC recommends that mold be removed by professionals. Mold remediation professionals inspect the basement to determine the extent of the mold damage. They bring the gear and treatments to remove the mold and prevent its re-growth.

Removing mold from your basement is not impossible. No one needs to live with mold. The source of mold should be tackled first. Then the mold can be removed and the area cleaned and treated so that mold does not re-grow.

While regular dampness in basements without waterproofing is normal, there are a few steps homeowners can take to minimize the growth of mold. Make sure that basement drains are cleaned and maintained.

You may be able to paint basement walls with mold-resistant paint. The gutters outside of your house direct water away from your home, so keeping the gutters in good condition can lessen the amount of water that ends up in the basement.