Quality Carpet Cleaning for Home or Office

The most beautiful and exquisite carpet will show wear and tear over time. From people walking on its surface to the outside world coming in every time the door opens, the carpets in our homes and offices collect dirt and grime. The fibers are also worn down. So, how can you achieve quality carpet cleaning for the home or office?

What you can do

Keeping carpets in the best condition begins with regular vacuum cleaning. Choose a vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt and animal fur, if you have pets, and that has attachments for getting into crevices for the best carpet cleaning.

Clean up messes as soon as they occur. Don’t let stains settle into the carpet if you are able to avoid it. Of course, things happen despite our best efforts. Cleaning up messes right away does help to prevent permanent damage to the carpet.

What we can do

Vacuuming does not get up everything that collects within the carpet fibers. This is why even well-maintained carpets will begin to show wear and tear. Having a professional carpet cleaning is the best way to achieve quality carpet cleaning for the home and office.

We use the IICRC recommended truck-mounted hot water extraction method to thoroughly clean carpets and restore them to like-new condition. This method removes the deep-seated dirt within the carpet fibers.

Why this matters

A carpet that looks clean could have pounds of dirt collected in the fibers. Only the truck-mounted hot water extraction method is able to bring up this dirt and wash it away.

We also apply a carpet protectant that activates every time you vacuum. That means that your carpet will seem newly cleaned whenever you vacuum and that dirt will not bind to the carpet fibers as they did before. Your vacuum becomes more effective.

Quality carpet cleaning for the home or office begins with a professional cleaning from your C.A.R.E. team. We have decades of experience in cleaning carpets, and we will restore the beauty of your carpets.

The carpeting in your home is an investment. Professional carpet cleaning ensures that you will have your carpets looking their best for longer. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve quality carpet cleaning!