Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs. DIY: Learn the Important Differences

As spring draws nearer, it is time to think about cleaning the carpets. The foot traffic from the winter leaves carpet worn down and filthy. You can reveal your beautiful carpet again with cleaning! There are important differences, though, between professional carpet cleaning and the DIY method.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

What do you need to tackle carpet cleaning yourself? First, you vacuum the carpet. This removes much of the top level dirt. You may need to vacuum several times to clean the majority of the carpet.

Most people who DIY their carpet cleaning rent a carpet shampooing machine. The machine has specific instructions for shampooing the carpet.

After they have shampooed the carpet, they use fans to dry it. The carpet takes several hours (even days) to dry. It looks much cleaner than before.

Is it cleaner, though? Carpet shampooing may bring up some of the deep-seated dirt, but it also pushes the dirt around. Some of the dirt remains within the carpet fibers.

Leaving a carpet wet for too long also runs the risk of mold growth. Mold, as we know, likes dampness. A wet carpet is an inviting place for mold spores to call home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning reveals a cleaner and fresher carpet. How does it do this? First, certified and trained professionals know everything about carpets and their fibers. This is what they do, their entire focus, and they have honed their skills to expert levels.

Truck-mounted hot water extraction is the IICRC industry standard for cleaning carpets. It goes beyond shampooing the carpets. The cleaning process uses hot water and cleaning solution to get deep into the carpet fibers.

Next, the machine extracts the water (and all the grime) from the carpet. The carpet is now cleaned and refreshed. It is cleaned down to the carpet fibers.

We don’t stop there. How can your carpet stay clean for longer? Our team applies a special protectant to the carpet. Your regular vacuuming now refreshes the carpet like new.

Your carpets are an investment into your home or office. Get the most out of your investment with professional carpet cleaning.