Mold Inspection: Is It Covered by Insurance?

Mold is sneaky. It can grow for years in a home without anyone noticing. If someone suspects that their home has mold, would their insurance cover the cost of the mold inspection? This is one question that homeowners often wonder.

The cost of mold inspection ranges from $500 to over $1,000. Larger areas will cost even more. Mold inspections include surface and air inspections that test for mold in the atmosphere and throughout the property. Because an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) but complete it, the cost for these services can vary.

It’s important to note that you should wait for us to assess the situation before calling your insurance company. Most insurance companies view mold as a sign of ongoing issues and can deny coverable claims just for using the word mold.

What insurance policies typically cover

Insurance covers associated water damage, often the cause of mold growth. Insurance cover claims if water damage is present. The question is harder to answer if someone wants a mold inspection without having a water damage claim.

Mold inspection and testing is generally covered by insurance. Most people who ask for mold inspections also have water damage claims. While the actual broken pipe would not be covered, the water damage that resulted from the break is covered. Mold inspection and remediation would be an extension of the insurance claim and covered by insurance as well.

In North Carolina, most insurance policies have a $5,000 “mold remediation” cap. This means that the cost of most mold inspections safely falls under this cap covered by insurance.

Mold where we least expect it

When a licensed inspector checks for mold, the inspector takes several samples throughout the home. We test many samples on-site. We test other samples in a lap.

Inspectors can find mold in unexpected places. The inspector also checks for the depth of the mold. How bad is it? The remediation process needs to be thorough to eliminate the regrowth.

Homeowners can be relieved to know that mold inspection and remediation generally falls under most homeowner insurance policies. If you’re a homeowner who suspects that mold might be growing somewhere on your property, call the C.A.R.E. team to inspect and remediate the mold problem.