Mold Growth After Water Damage

Under the right conditions, mold can grow anywhere. Mold spores exist in the atmosphere. The wind carries them. We bring mold spores into our homes every time we open the door and come in from outside. The spores are so small that they can sneak into our homes through tiny cracks and crevices. We cannot avoid mold spores.

Causes of mold growth

Mold will only take root if the environment suits them. The spores love dark, wet places like basements. Water damage can make a comfortable habitat for mold spores in other places around the house. The spores will “plant” themselves into walls and carpet.

A tiny leak can encourage mold growth. If you discover mold anywhere on your property, then water exists in or near the area. Mold does not grow on dry surfaces. Water damage from floods or broken pipes can mean that the mold growth will be extensive because the water can travel through drywall and deep into carpet fibers.

The first step to eradicating a mold problem is fixing the water problem. Mold will regrow if the source of the moisture is left unchecked. So, cleaning the mold does not guarantee that the mold is gone if the water damage has not been handled. An inspector can determine the cause of the water damage if it’s not obvious. Before the mold can be dealt with, the water source needs to be removed.

Mold remediation

A mold remediation team will identify all of the water sources that promoted the mold growth. Once the mold no longer has a supply of water, the team can remove the mold and clean the area. Mold can go deep into walls and surfaces, so a thorough cleaning is the only way to remove the last of the mold.

If mold growth is left untreated, the mold can also damage the property structure. It weakens wood as it permeates through the surface. Mold lowers the quality of the air. Over time, the mold will cause unpleasant odors to touch everything in the house. Mold irritates health problems, like asthma and skin rashes. Water damage often leads to mold growth. We can remediate both problems, keeping your home happy.