Mold Cleanup and Remediation

No one likes to discover that mold has taken root within their home or business. Mold can grow as the result of moisture from a flood or plumbing disaster. Leaving it alone is not the answer. Mold grows and causes health problems as a result of its toxicity to the air quality within your building.

When you have discovered the growth of mold, it is important to have the mold cleaned up as soon as possible. However, this does not mean that you should grab a bucket of bleach and scrub at the mold without any protection from its harmful effects. In most cases, hiring a professional crew to provide mold cleanup and remediation is recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

Removing the source of the moisture

Removing the source of the moisture is one of the first steps in mold cleanup and remediation. Why? The moisture provides an ideal environment for mold growth and will encourage it to grow back. This can mean fixing the leaky pipe or draining flood waters from the property. The building and all of its contents will also need drying.

Mold cleanup, remediation, and prevention

Mold cleanup and remediation teams will come to the property in protective gear that shields them from contaminants that are present in the mold. The process will involve cleaning and removing the visible mold, as well as thoroughly drying the area to discourage further mold growth.

Treating the area to prevent mold growth is important. Mold spores exist in the air we breathe at all times, so it can be an uphill battle to prevent mold. Removing moisture is one of the key steps in preventing mold. Treating with mold prevention solutions also aids in the prevention of mold growth.

For items like bedding, clothing or stuffed animals, you can wash them in hot water with detergent to remove mold. Ensure that the items dry completely.

Other items may need replacing. The mold cleanup and remediation professional can help you to assess the mold damage to your belongings and what can be done to restore them.