Home Restoration Services

Floods, fires and other disasters can cause damage to your property. While the aftermath of a disaster is devastating, it can be comforting to know that home restoration services will be there to restore your home and personal belongings.

Home restoration services include fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration, water damage restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, content restoration, and much more. Every situation is different, and every home is unique. Our restoration experts understand what matters and will work to restore the beauty and safety of your home.

Disaster restoration services

Fire, smoke and soot damage restoration involves assessing the extent of the damage, removing the smoke and soot, cleaning and deodorizing, and repairing items.

Water damage mitigation will involve extracting excess water and thoroughly drying the property and your belongings. Carpet and upholstery need cleaning and treating to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Content restoration services for personal belongings, such as furniture refinishing and electronic repair, require specialized expertise. Our team will assess the damage and determine the best solutions for restoration.

Cleaning and restoration services

We give upholstery a thorough cleaning. Our team inspects and pre-vacuums the upholstered item. Then the team pre-sprays and pre-spots the item to administer a special cleaning compound. The rinsing and extraction process removes the loosened soil and water to reveal cleaner upholstery. We make sure the item is completely dry to restore its original condition.

Our team dries the carpet fibers according to its type. A protective treatment can also be applied after cleaning to help the carpet stay fresh and new-looking long after restoration. Specialty rugs will be cleaned in our warehouse for the best results. We remove soil, wash and rinse, and thoroughly dry the rugs. Like the carpets, specialty rugs also receive finishing to restore their natural beauty.

Stone tile and grout cleaning can also make a difference in home restoration. Grout can become dirty over time and ruin the appearance of the stone tiles. Our expert team cleans, repairs, and seals the grout to give stone tiles a fresh, new look.

What home restoration services do you need today? Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!