Home and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets make a home or business more beautiful and comfortable. But they also get plenty of wear and tear. Vacuuming keeps the carpets cleaner and in better condition than not taking care of them at all. Even so, carpets experience so much foot traffic. It is important to have the carpets deep-cleaned at least once a year.

Carpets get worn and dirty over time

The carpet fibers begin to fray and become porous over time. So, vacuuming will not be able to get up all the dirt and allergens that the carpet has collected. Our shoes bring in sand, dirt, red-clay, pollen, sand spurs, and humidity-loving dust mites. They that get ground into the carpet. Worn, porous carpet fibers collect even more dirt, allergens and bacteria. They can harm the beauty of the carpet and shorten its life. 

Carpeting actually serves a dual purpose. Yes, it makes your home or business look attractive and inviting. But it also helps to filter your air. The dirt and allergens that the carpet fibers collect is the carpet just doing its job. Carpet cleaning refreshes this decorative air filter as well. Regular home and commercial carpet cleaning means that the carpets will be able to capture airborne allergens. This keeps them trapped for fresher air in your home or business.

To get the carpets clean, the best way is the truck-mounted hot water extraction method. This is used by IICRC certified professional cleaning companies. Carpet fibers look and feel like new after all of the caked-in dirt and grime has been removed. But we don’t stop there. The clean carpet fibers are still exposed, still porous. 

Not just cleaning, protecting the carpets

Your Cleaning and Restoration Experts apply a carpet protectant that fills in the porous surfaces of the carpet fibers so that the vacuum cleaner can get all of those allergens and dirt for a fresh carpet every time. This extra step keeps your freshly cleaned carpets as clean as the day we came out to your home or office and cleaned the carpets. Your carpet’s beauty will longer after a professional cleaning and carpet protectant application.