Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Grout, a fluid concrete for filling gaps in tiles are important in your home.  Maintaining the grout in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement goes a long way toward maintaining the health and beauty of your investment.

Stone, tile, and grout cleaning improves the look of your floors. Over time, stone, tile, and grout collects dirt and grime. Our team of trained and experienced experts use a deep-extraction method to get your tiles and grout the cleanest they have been since first installed.

Imagine revitalizing the beauty of your stone tile floors in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement! A thorough cleaning will bring new life to your investment. Cleaning and sealing the grout is the next vital step in this process.

Grout cleaning process

We pre-test and pre-inspect the stone, tiles, and grout. We determine what kind of tile you have, locate damaged sections, missing grout, and cracked tiles, before we begin with deep cleaning.

Then we use a cleaning agent solution that breaks down dirt, grease, cooking oils, and spills. We apply it liberally to the floor and it penetrates deep into the grout. For tough spots, we have a special solution that we can use to clean.

Our high-powered truck-mounted equipment rinses the stone tile and grout. Say good-bye to all of that deep-seated dirt, grime, and cooking oils from your floors! The loosened dirt and grime is rinsed away in this part of the process.

Grout sealing process

We inspect the post-cleaning results to see if we need to do anything more to clean the grout and stone tiles. We have to allow everything to dry before we move onto the next step of grout cleaning and sealing.

After 48 hours, we will apply a sealant to the grout that protects it from being permanently stained by dirt, oils, and spillage. Cleaned and sealed grout makes your

floors look like-new! The sealant will keep the grout looking cleaner for longer, too.

Protect the investment of your stone, tiles, and grout with cleanings as needed. CARE Services can restore the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom floors, ensuring that you can enjoy for a lifetime!