Flood Water Damage Repair

Flood water damage can wreak havoc on the structure of a home as well as on personal belongings and valuables. Water from floods will permeate through walls, ceilings, and floors and soak into furniture and electronics. We repair property with flood damage through a combination of expertise and care.

Water extraction and drying

The first thing that a flood water damage repair expert will need to do is extract all leftover water from the property. We siphon excess water out using various machines. We air out other items using air movers or the sun if the weather has improved. Water extraction and drying is a vital step in flood water damage repair.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Once the items are dry, the items we clean and disinfect them. Flood water can carry contaminants that seep into surfaces. Cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing will go a long way in restoring the property to its pre-loss condition. It also prevents illnesses caused by flood water-borne bacteria and viruses.

Sometimes all that needs to be done to restore an item is to dry and clean it. But other items will need to be repaired. Every item that has been damaged by flood water will be assessed to determine the most appropriate method for repair.

Specialty content restoration

Specialty belongings, such as rugs or electronics, will require individualized services depending on the damage and its extent. Our team works with you and your insurance company to find the best quality and most cost-effective solution.

Flood water damage repair can restore your property to its structural beauty. Not only does our team handle the extensive cleanup, but we also provide content restoration and mold mitigation services to ensure that problems do not arise in the future. Mold is a major concern after a flood. Our team thoroughly dries, cleans, and disinfects surfaces to prevent the growth of mold.

Complete structural and content drying, drywall and carpet repair, and personal property drying and storage will work to get your life back to normal following a flood. The damage caused by flood water does not have to be permanent when restoration and repair services are available to restore your home and property.

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