Fire Damage: Restoring Vs. Replacing

The aftermath of a fire can continue to cause fire damage to your home or office. Smoke will settle in throughout the property, even in areas where the fire did not touch. Soot can cover the property and be difficult to remove a professional. The fire, soot, smoke, and ash left behind from the fire will cause more damage to the home long after the fire is out.

After fire damage, then it comes restoration or replacement. People often use the terms as one. But, restoring and replacing are not the same thing. The experts who come to your property will assess the best way to get your home back to pre-loss appearance.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration means restoring the property through cleaning and repairs. The fire damage restoration experts will remove soot and smoke. This restores the color and scent of the home.

If the home suffered water damage from firefighting efforts then the experts will also remove water. They will dry the property. Your home and belongings will go through cleaning and drying. Restoration might also include minor repairs as needed.

Fire Damage Replacement

But, fire damage replacement refers to replacing building materials. They replace items such as structural beams or entire walls. This differs from restoration efforts. It requires complete replacement of fire damage versus restoring them to their pre-loss condition.

Replacement experts will rebuild those portions of the home that need to be rebuilt. This requires purchasing new building materials and can take longer than restoration services.

Because the cost for replacement can be high, it is best to try to restore as much as possible. This can be cheaper than opting for total replacement. Replacement is only a consideration if restoration is not possible.

Fire damage can be devastating. But there is good news in knowing that experts are available to restore your home to original condition.