Fire Damage Cleanup

We never expect fires to happen. They cause more damage to our property and belongings than we thought possible. Cleaning up after a fire might seem like an insurmountable task. Smoke and soot damage adds another element to an already devastating incident.

The process

Fire damage cleanup involves an assessment of the damage, water extraction (if needed), smoke and soot removal, and cleaning and repair. An expert team will track the fire damage to map its extent. Fire damage often travels beyond the location where the fire occurred. Even portions of the property not directly affected by the fire can experience damage from the heat, smoke, and soot.

Once the team determines the extent of the fire damage, they begin the cleaning and restoration process. The team will also mitigate the water damage as a result of the fire department’s efforts to extinguish the fire. Care Services cleans and deodorizes other impacted areas of the property.

We handle every item with care. Specialty rugs go through cleaning according to the proper way to handle the fabric. Removing soil, smoke, and soot might require several steps to ensure that the rug and upholstery items are completely cleaned and deodorized. The fibers will look like new once the expert team has handled the cleaning of these specialty items!

Personal belongings can also be cleaned and deodorized. Some items might only require a thorough wipe-down, while others will need more extensive cleaning services to remove the damage caused by a fire. The goal is to repair what we can and only replace what actually needs to be replaced.

Cleanup and recovery

Fire damage cleanup can restore the property to its previous condition. We strive for complete recovery after a disaster and work with property owners and their insurance companies to achieve the highest quality results at the most cost-effective budget.

While fire damage can be devastating, our professional team works to make the cleanup process as easy as possible for property owners. Life can return to normal after fire damage cleanup and repair. Talk to us today about your fire damage cleanup needs.