What to do if My Crawl Space is Flooded

The crawl space elevates the property above the ground. Unlike basements, crawl spaces do not provide more living area. But what happens when your crawl space is flooded?Ductwork, electrical wiring, and plumbing that run through the crawl space will often be easier to service. Crawl spaces should contain a drainage system. This will route water away from the house and cut dampness within the crawl space. But sometimes a crawl space can become flooded.

Water can enter your crawl space from all directions when your crawl space is flooded. Plumbing problems throughout the house can result in crawl space flooding. Torrential rainfall will enter from the sides. Rising ground moisture will collect water on the floor of the crawl space. Condensation often occurs within the crawl space. This happens when when the humidity touches the cool surfaces located beneath the house. Checking your crawl space for moisture is important in damp climates prone to flooding.

Crawl Space Flooding

If you discover that your crawl space has flooding, you will want to turn off your electricity. Keep it off until the water is removed from the space. Remember that your electrical wiring may run through the crawl space. This presents a fire hazard. It also presents the potential to cause electrical shocks and damage if the water reaches an electrical outlet.

Next, you will want to check your sump-pump to ensure that it is removing the water from the crawl space. You might want to consider adding more pumps if the crawl space floods to extreme levels. Getting the water out of the crawl space is your top priority at this point. You’ll want to investigate the vapor barrier sheeting to see if the flooding is below the barrier.

Taking photos of the damage for your flooding insurance will also be important. You want to document as much as possible for your insurance agent when you file your claim. Crawl space flooding that is part of a natural disaster may also qualify for FEMA help

Flooding will often need water damage mitigation and remediation services from a professional team. They will remove the water from the crawl space and help to thoroughly dry the area. Replacing insulation and resealing the crawlspace will also be beneficial.