Content Restoration After a Home or Office Disaster

Disaster can strike at any time and not always with warning. Whether it is a fire or a flood, property damage to homes and offices can have a profound effect. Personal and office belongings can experience damage after a home or office disaster. The trauma and confusion following a disaster can make unique challenges for recovery efforts. But, your C.A.R.E. experts will work with you to establish priorities and address concerns.

Restoring items within home or office

Catastrophe and restoration experts provide repair estimates and budgets for your situation. The services include: cover furniture refinishing, electronics repair, and other specialty services. They present it to you you and your insurance company for approval before work begins. Content restoration services can be cost effective and high-quality.

They can refinish furniture to look like new, and repair electronics. We assess the damage to see the best course of action. If resoration is an option then you won’t need to replace the item. Catastrophe and restoration experts want to ensure what is in your best interest. This will keep the services cost effective throughout the entire process.

Communicating what’s important

Content restoration involves communication between you, your insurance company, and the restoration experts. Property loss can be devastating. The good news is that restoration may be an option, depending on the extent of damage. The extent of the damage will play a role in the length of time it takes to complete the process. Our goal is to be thorough. We want to provide quality restoration services at the best price and in your best interests. 

Work will take place after we have received approval from both you and your insurance company. This means you aren’t paying for anything more than necessary. Also, the process with your insurance company is smoother.

We focus on what is important, just like you do. Restoring the items within your home or office after a disaster can make a difference. Contact us to learn more about our emergency content restoration services.